Secrets to How the Rich Stay Rich: How My VIP Client Tapped Into the Money Mindset of Walmart's CEO


It's a Global Pandemic But Here is Proof That You Can Still Grow Your Business

I JUST received the BEST message from a VIP client...

"I want to share a big win."

That's how the message started.

Then my client shared just how big his win was: he signed his first high-ticket client for $30,000!

Celebration ensued. But then I got to thinking, why do so many entrepreneurs limit their mindset to think their business can't possibly grow right now?

My client isn't the only one finding professional success during this pandemic.

A couple weeks back I was on the podcast Chat With Black talking about our current world climate. And here's the truth: many of the world's most wealthy entrepreneurs are still making a fortune by selling products, services and finding new clients during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

How can this happen during a global pandemic?

The biggest lesson the pandemic has taught entrepreneurs is how to ADJUST.

The market and its demands are changing day by day and, as entrepreneurs, it is our business to see these changes as opportunities. Businesses wouldn’t be successful if they didn't solve a problem, right?

I often talk about service because the best businesses are also serving the world in the most impactful ways.

When you make helping people your priority, the clients will come.

And I'll be celebrating each and every victory for you.

Alice Walton is the only daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton is the richest woman globally with a net worth of $54.4 BILLION.

Despite recent market confusion, Walton has seen her fortune increase 23% since last year.

Walton, who does not have a role at Walmart, helps lead a program at the Walton family foundation that will issue $300 million in bonds to help charter schools invest in and renovate facilities.

"When all else fails, put on a costume and sing a silly song." – Alice Walton says.

I can tell you one reason behind her success: her optimism.

Optimism makes a person resilient and flexible.

Sometimes, it's tough to be happy when you think about what's going on out there. And it gets even more challenging when people around you keep complaining about things happening in our world.

That doesn't mean you have to join ranks with the pessimists, though; it means it's more important than ever for you to have mental fortitude (and continuing to look for the positive).

Learn from your mistakes, make your mistakes a step toward your goals, not a reason to give up.

It's up to you, will your failures be seen as defeat or guidance?

"To succeed in this world, you have to change all the time." – Alice Walton.

The world is continually changing; you can't keep thinking the same way and expect to continued growth.

When you develop a positive relationship unexpected challenges, it's easier to succeed.

You may fail once, twice, or even more; no matter what stage of your personal or professional life, a setback might be right around the corner.

We all have our setbacks; it's not an obstacle; it's a push for you to correct your mistakes, treat them as new lessons, and start anew!

There is only one way to fail: to give up.

Keep showing up friends.